BUSHBASH unSERIÖS w/ LynnMayya, CTML, Danca, Julius Jung, Kaeso & wildhour, Modumodi, Sturm oder Zimmer, Wiener Grantscheibn & TPS Nostromo


Harry Klein

Timetable (Music)

  • 22.00 Uhr Danca (Ledgerline | Munich | she/her | Melodic techno / Progressive House)
  • 00:00 Uhr Julius Jung (Bushbash | Munich | he/him | Deep Tech)
  • 01:30 Uhr Wiener Grantscheibn (unSERIÖS Wien | Vienna | he/him | Melodic Techno / Afro House)
  • 03:00 Uhr LynnMayya (Linz | she/her | Minimal Deep Techno / Peak-time)
  • 04:30 Uhr Sturm oder Zimmer (Bushbash | Munich | he/him | Melodic/ Rave)
  • 06:00 Uhr CTML (Munich| she/her | Electro Tech) 

Timetable (Visuals)

  • 22.00 Uhr TPS Nostromo (Harry Klein Visuals | München | they/them)

Séparée hosted by unSERIÖS Wien 

  • 00:00 Uhr Kaeso & wildhour (unSERIÖS Wien | he/him & she/her | Melodic Techno)
  • 02:00 Uhr Modumodi (unSERIÖS Wien | he/him | Afro / Break / Downtempo)

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Syrian experimental visualist and sound artist who kick-started her career as a bassist in a rock band called Karma and they performed in Syria as the first female rock band in the country. Now she is based in Austria where she performs as a Techno DJ & Electronic Producer. In DJ-sets and Live sets she plays lots of tracks with groovy minimal sounds combined with dark-psy twist. She performed in many different countries and festivals like HaselHort – Berlin, Beirut, Linz, Madrid and Traumtänzer Festival 2022 Munich.




Danca learned to play the piano in her early childhood. In her teenage years she started to compose her own music and since 2020 she fell in love with electronic music production and DJing. Danca tries to tell her story through her music, she carefully selects tracks for her Sets and likes to combine rhythmic baselines with emotional melodies. When listening to Dancas Sets you will feel the urge to dance and celebrate, but also to dream.

Julius Jung

The Munich producer and Dj was a part of different collectives ever since he was a teenager.
 After organising and playing at various events, he quickly realised that electronic music has a very special impact on him. Soon he became aware that he wanted to put on his own music productions instead of only playing tracks by other artists. His productions are not limited to digital technology, the passion for analogue synthesisers and sound elements give his tracks a style all of their own and therefore a unique recognition value.

Kaeso & wildhour

kaeso – schon im alten Rom wurde gefeiert als gäbe es kein Morgen – heute wie früher, nur mit fetteren Beats.

wildhour – Name ist Programm. Egal zu welcher Stunde, ob hinter, vor oder auf dem DJ-Pult. Augen schließen und Musik genießen.


Let the music talk and the synthie resonate.

Sturm oder Zimmer

As the two founders of the Bushbash collective, aswell as long-standing rave experience together, they are a perfectly interacting duo. A similar but yet different taste in music provides a refreshing set, which, even with a powerful and and impulsive bassline, holds one or another surprise from the near indefinite music universe. The trackrange spreads from relaxing afterhour house over melodic techno up to acidbased industrial sound, depending on set and setting. Either way, these two will provide perfect sound for the suitable atmosphere, observe the crowd and take their set to the max.

Wiener Grantscheibn

Wiener Grantscheibn is a Vienna based Dj and saxophonist, mostly seen in dasWerk Wien, where he hosts his event series ‘Tanz dich glücklich’. He will be representing unSERIÖS, a Viennese art & music collective that shows Vienna’s creative and alternative side through diverse cultural projects. Wiener Grantscheibn’s sound focuses on melodic techno, afro house and groovy tech-house, enriched by his live saxophone improvisations that stem from his jazz and funk background.

TPS Nostromo



Awareness im Club bedeutet für uns:

  • Sei offen gegenüber deinen Mitmenschen.
  • Helfe, wenn dich jemand danach fragt.
  • Versuche dein Gegenüber zu verstehen.
  • Melde dich bei uns, wenn du dich unwohl fühlst.
  • Behandle deine Mitmenschen mit Respekt.
  • Frag nach, wenn etwas unklar ist.
  • Vertrauen ist die Basis für unser Miteinander.
  • Vermeide Worte, die du selbst nicht hören magst.

Einlassrecht vorbehalten.

28.10.2022 - Beginn 22:00

Ende: 29.10.2022 07:00

Kosten: € 10.00 VVK | € 12.00 Abendkasse

Harry Klein
Sonnenstraße 8
80331 München