SEV Berlin Panel

SEV Berlin meets Harry Klein Talk: Clubs & Freiräume

Panel & anschließend Party – im Austausch mit Cecilia Tosh, Indigo Plateaux & Abdulla (Kollektiv Bushbash), moderiert von Lily Felixberger (WUT Kollektiv)


Since the Covid forced break, nightlife and parties are flaring up again. But even after two years of the pandemic, there is still no cultural space for young people. We want to discuss with two interesting and engaged collectives from Berlin and Munich the reasons for this and what politics and urban society could do about it.

 Join our round and be part of this constructive exchange between two important cultural cities and let’s figure out together, how everyone of us can support clubculture and cultural urban space.

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SEV Berlin was born out of the idea to offer music interested & newcomers a free space for musical development and the conscious perception of electronic sounds.  

Starting with parties at Golden Gate, from there to various clubs, livestreams & interviews, the collective developed into an artist & booking agency and an established institution in club culture. 

In the summer of 2021 they founded CURA Berlin, their own open-air space & pop-up venue. On an asphalt surface in the middle of the city they created a space for art, music and community together with other collectives. There they also created in collaboration with DUCTTAPE, their first own drag show who´s now having their home at Kater Blau / Holzmarkt. 


The German/Mozambican soul Cecilia Tosh is a Berlin based artist and entrepreneur. She is Co-Founder and booker of the agency SEV Berlin and the open air space CURA Berlin. Cecilia and her team are devoted to creating more holistic surroundings and experiences in the context of clubculture.

Sonically Cecilia is influenced and most inspired by Detroit Techno and Dub Techno. In her mixes she incorporates tribal elements, no matter what genre, in between and promises: to stay true to her own flavor and vibe. Her sets have a constant groove, are deep and trippy.

From June 2022 she is the new curator of Tresor’s event series “New Faces”. She is playing in clubs like Berghain, About Blank, Rote Sonne, PAL, Wilde Renate and has her regular slots at HÖR. She can also be seen at various festival stages across Europe. Furthermore, she will have her second Berghain Event and South Africa Tour in the beginning of 2023.

Indigo Plateaux is the latest alias of multi-instrumentalist and producer Jared Hines.

Raised by an avid record collector and DJ father, conceived in Paradise Garage, and mentored by the Berlin rave culture, Indigo Plateaux continues the legacy of black queer excellence in Techno and House.

Indigo Plateaux is a resident DJ of Porzellan Bar and part of the Artist Agency SEV Berlin. He serves an eclectic fusion of groovy minimal techno, electro, and ghetto tech.

Mit diesem Ticket darfst du die nachfolgende Veranstaltung besuchen, insofern du bis 21.00 Uhr eincheckst.



20.00 Uhr Einlass

20:30 Uhr SEV Berlin meets Harry Klein Talk: Clubs & Freiräume

22.00 Uhr Clubnacht Beginn

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03.12.2022 - Einlass 20:00 Beginn 20:30

Ende: 03.12.2022 22:00

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