Harry Klein Booking Weekender 19.01 – 22.01.2010 @ HARRY KLEIN

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Groaning, yelling and the one or the other drunken body. Family celebrations always have a comforting aspect. With slight variations we have on the scene: neurotic aunt Bernadette, complaining about her hurting buttocks, Franziska and Benjamin, Ritalin addicted and always quarreling siblings, and grandpa Alois, dropping off after the second Weißbier… Years after years the same faces, you know what to expect:

no surprises guaranteed.

January 2011 something similar is expecting us, but with a slight difference to a common family celebration: it won’t be comforting! The Harry Klein Booking Agency celebrates it’s 4th anniversary and over the years artists and staff grew together to a small family. Rather second- than first-grade relatives, but family remains family. As this won’t be a get-together of neurotic aunts and beer-sick grandpas, be prepared for a weekend full of surprises: visitors from Cologne and Berlin, dear relatives from Paris, not to forget the Bavarian bunch… but please see for yourself:

Wednesday | January 19, 2011

Julietta (Sushitech, Harry Klein / Munich) dj kid.chic Harry Klein / Munich) dj sinsynplus (Harry Klein / Munich) vj

Thursday | January 20, 2011

Cesare vs Disorder (Dumb Unit, Serialism, Mean / Berlin) dj Marco Zenker (Ilian Tape, Harry Klein / Munich) live Benna (Harry Klein / Munich) dj Bloom (Harry Klein / Munich)  vj

Friday | January 21, 2011

Richard Bartz (Harry Klein, Kanzleramt, Int. Deejay Gigolo / Munich) live Water Lilly (Mental Groove / Geneve) live ANA (Harry Klein, eZoo / Munich) dj Sissi (Harry Klein / Munich) dj Zava (Harry Klein / Munich) vj

Saturday | January 22, 2011

Jichael Mackson (Musique Risquée, Hartchef, Ilian Tape / Munich) Jeremy P. Caulfield (Dumb Unit / Berlin) dj misc. (Sender, Perc Trax / Cologne) live Dario Zenker (Vakant, Ilian Tape, Harry Klein / Munich) dj Blink And Remove (Harry Klein / Regensburg) vj