Harry Klein Partys

Freitag, 29.10.2021 22 Uhr: Synthvision w/ ISAbella

22.00 Uhr – 00.00 Uhr TET (bloop.London | tanz.t.raum)
00.00 Uhr – 02.00 Uhr Idun (Synthvision)
02.00 Uhr – 04.30 Uhr ISAbella (Maricas / Barcelona)
04.30 Uhr – 07.00 Uhr WHATDOTHEYKNOW (Synthvision)

Visuals by Structure

Tickets: https://harryklein.ticket.io/7wvgslzf/



Samstag, 30.10.2021 22 Uhr: Harry Klein Clubnight w/ Nandu

22.00 Uhr – 00.00 Uhr Wanda Wild (Villa Tu Nicht Gut)
00.00 Uhr – 02.00 Uhr Dave Marshall (Bahnwärter Thiel)
02.00 Uhr – 04.30 Uhr Nandu (Innervisions)
04.30 Uhr – 07.00 Uhr Laetizia (Bahnwärter Thiel / Laut & Luise)

Visuals by 2Spin

Tickets: https://harryklein.ticket.io/gfuhjxmr



Sonntag, 31.10.2021 21:30: SLATEC (4 hours live)

Within SLATEC seven jazz musicians merge into a lusty super organism that designs energetic and melodic techno in real time. SLATEC’s stage performance is a massive banger and is as close to the origin of jazz as it is to the future of electronic dance music. Pushed by drums, percussion, bass, trombone, and voice, every SLATEC show turns into a punky techno rave.

Patricia Römer (Vocals), Roman Sladek (Trombone), Georg Stirnweiß (Bass), Samuel Wootton(Percussion), Marco Dufner(Drums), Josy Friebel (Sound)

Visuals by Proximal (Harry Klein)

Tickets: https://harryklein.ticket.io/1rvzvkwp/


Achtung: Tanzverbot ab 2 Uhr!