Heart on the street.

Mrs. BettyMü was invited beside other artists to take part at the “heart on the street” project, founded by Robert Bosch Stiftung, supported by Kunstverein Munich and Kunstarkaden. The Vernissage will take place on Tuesday, August 09, 19:00 – 22:00. Be curious!

… deal with the topic of Street Art and Urban Environment in their creative works. The show also addresses the distinct elements of Street Art in relation to various political, social and aesthetic facets of contemporary societies. They use an innovative mix of various media and forms of expression (painting, photography, installations, graphics, video art and sculpture).

A panoramic view of these artistic statements reveals the potential for the format of Street Art to serve as a basis for contemporary art both in Latvia and Germany – in confrontation, as a source of inspiration. As each artist deals with Street Art in a distinct way, the exhibition attempts, inasmuch as possible, to find a common denominator in all these various artistic statements. Moreover, the project is so conceived that contemporary art – by its explicit reference to Street Art and urbanity – reveals us a lot about the social processes and their development in both countries.

The notion of Street Art refers to a multitude of ordinary urban situations which have changed quite a lot, for instance, in Latvia, a country where rapid transformations are taking place. At the same time, it is necessary to consider various interpretations of this form of aesthetic expression in Western society that over the recent years, too, has undergone massive changes.

For a number of the artists on display this experimental artistic production is also a sort of social research work. As stated above, the artists work represents a mix of various elements or activities reflecting a variety of events that take place in politics, society, economy, daily life or elsewhere. The artistic works in this show therefore attempt to pin down some elements of Street Art and urban life in general, to conceive them from various perspectives and to contribute to their re-interpretation.