Robert Babicz – VJ Heiligenblut – Meet The Blue Elephant – 2010

Tales of blue mysteries.

The video is full of mysteries …. who’s the other elephant …? is he now dead and exploded and becomes a jellyfish? why are there 2 elephants with wings ?? hundred of questions and the answer is in your dreams. 

Meet The Blue Elephant – VIDEO

Written and produced by Robert Babicz.
“Meet the blue elephant, taken from the album “immortal changes” released by the electronic music label “systematics rec”
Release date: mid Mar 2010.

Idea and Realisation for the track “Meet The Blue Elephant”…from VJ Heiligenblut
All artwork and design by Vj Heiligenblut (c) 2010.
Directed by Manuela Leu, (c) Heiligenblut